Saturday, April 4, 2020

Communion in unusual circumstances.

Communion in unusual circumstances.

Lutheran Theology expresses itself as Word and Sacrament.  The basis of our faith is rooted in the Word of God and the Sacraments of the church, Baptism and Communion.  Martin Luther expressed the necessity of both Word and Sacrament to strengthen one’s faith and draw closer to God.  If one was not present the other would suffice and bring the full grace of God, but both were preferred. 

The sacrament of communion is practices as part of the gathered community, where two or more are gathered in my name.  During this time of social distancing and Stay-at-home order we have to re-evaluate our understanding of “gathered community.”  Though we are not all together in one room we are together in one action at the same time, thus creating, through separate and digital, a community.  As such, though we are not int eh same room, we are community, what we do here is made effective through Christ and validated by our faith.  This is what is needed to consecrate the elements, for that is the work of the community.  Your “amen” is the validation of the work we do together. 

The elements of communion, bread and wine, are the same Jesus used at the Last Supper.  Both elements together are preferred, however we believe that the fullness of God’s grace is contained in one element if only one is present.  Therefore, if you are just taking the bread today, you are not getting less, for the fullness of God’s grace is contained in the singular element. 

If you wish to use your own elements or include the cup for communion you may.  The basis of the elements are “Staple food and Festive drink.”  Bread or some kind of plain cracker would suffice for the staple food portion.  Festive drink would be anything made from fruit: wine, grape juice, fruit juice of some kind.  This can be added to your communion celebration if you have access but it not mandatory. 

Please have the elements out on a plate during the communion portion of the service.  Once the Lord’s prayer is spoken, we will all eat together. 

May you be blessed in this time and experience the fullness of God’s grace.

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